Ready to film in Fiji? Let us help with the tech.

We are tech specialists with over a decade of experience in supporting Film Projects across the most remote parts of Fiji.

Our goal is to make the tech aspects of your project as seamless and ‘issue-free’ as possible. Delivering a level of service equal to that which you expect from your country of origin.

Reach out to us for help with:

Internet Connectivity

We can almost certainly assume you will have some requirement for a modest level of bandwidth for transmitting footage to post-production? Need it in a remote location?  No problem.

What about a secure WiFi network with multiple bandwidth requirements at the Production Office – for different user groups (Finance / Operations)? Easy. We work with productions of all sizes to understand their internet connectivity requirements and to provide the service to fulfill those needs.

Mobile phone servicesMobile Phones & Plans

Need your production staff connected? We have intimate knowledge of the various mobile local carrier service options – and can assist in choosing the best-suited plans per requirements, as well as the provision of local handsets/devices on a hire basis.

Need only Voice for some users….but Voice & Data for others? Only want International calling for certain users? No problem…let us take the hassle of ensuring your team can communicate effectively – within your production budget.

Data connectivity

IT & Technical Support

Our many years of experience in providing technical support to productions in Fiji, has taught us that each project is uniquely different in its requirement for support. This has helped to hone our ‘Swiss Army Knife’ support philosophy – giving you the ability to draw on a diverse set of skilled resources that can deploy on-site full-time; part-time or on an ad hoc basis.

Talk to us and let’s discuss your requirements and how we can help make your IT challenegs go away.

Need a little more help? Or just want to hit the ground running? We can help.

We also provide an advanced ‘White Glove’ Device Management Service option so you can hit the ground running. Upon arrival, your team members collect an individually labeled, ‘Lifeproof case’ protected smartphone that is pre-loaded with all production staff contact details. The managed handset is configured with location tracking for personnel safety, along with the ability to centrally push any updates – and apply policies on approved Apps.

Let us focus on the technology elements – so you can focus on Filming in Fiji! Interested in learning more?  Contact us for a chat.